Improve your audience engagement and lead generation

  • Web-based
  • Online and at events
  • Real-time results
  • Gamified polls and quizzes to reward and engage users
  • Extend your reach through social media
  • Facilitate networking

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Some organisations/events where Play2Lead solutions have been used

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Reward your audience

Play2Lead Engage™ is Play2Lead’s gamified poll and quiz product where you can reward your members for:
  • Signing In via social media
  • Completing the poll
  • Sharing the poll/quiz and poll/quiz results

Try Play2Lead Engage Lite for FREE for 30 days at your next event!

Realtime analytics

Real-time Analytics

Play2Lead Engage Lite is Play2Lead’s gamified poll product where your audience can in real-time see how their peers are voting for each question and for the overall poll.
Audience members can also see how accurately they scored for for each individual quiz question and the overall quiz in Play2Lead Engage™, Play2Lead’s gamified quiz solution.
Social media

Extend your social reach through social media

Play2Lead Engage™ is Play2Lead’s gamified poll and quiz product where your audience members can easily share the poll/quiz and the results of the poll/quiz with their social network. You can extend the conversation beyond your initial audience.
Responsive web application


On tablets, smartphones and laptops. For ALL kinds of events
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Training events
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate meetings
  • Online events
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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew who else was at your event? Networking is easier now with Play2Lead Engage where you can see your fellow attendees’ profile:
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Request to connect with them on Linkedin
Funtastically simple

FUNtastically Simple Audience Interaction

Play2Lead Engage™ is Play2Lead’s gamified quiz product where your audience members can compete with their peers – the faster they answer correctly, the higher the points


Mobile-first web-based design for iOS and Android phones and tablets.


See how each audience member has voted. This may help you create more tailored call-to-actions e.g. specific invitations to leads qualified based on these insights.

Real-time Results Visualisation

You and your audience can see the aggregate results by option in real-time.

What You Get


Real-time results display
Detailed Reports (by Participant)
Participant List (Poll) & Leaderboard (Quiz)
Admin Panel
Results sharing via LinkedIn & Twitter
Share poll/quiz via LinkedIn & Twitter
Your Brand and Sponsor Logos

Play2Lead Engage Lite

Participant List (Poll) only
Email Support (24/7)

Play2Lead Engage

Yes (real-time)
Phone Support (Business Hours)

How It Works- 8 SIMPLE STEPS

  • Lock icon
    Set up the quiz or poll via secure website
  • Short URL
    At the event, audience members visit a short url and select the poll or quiz.
  • twitter icon linkedIn icon
    Audience members sign in via social media/email or remain anonymous and select the poll or quiz they want to participate in.
  • play2lead cup logo
    Audience members get points for voting or answering questions correctly.
  • Feedback
    Audience members get real-time feedback on how his/her peers have voted relative to his/her vote/answer.
  • Binoculars image
    Audience members can see who else has participation in the quiz/poll can connect with each other via social media.
  • Sharing image
    Audience members can share the poll/quiz via social media which extends the reach of the conversation.Set up the quiz or poll via secure website.
  • Heart image
    When the session is over, organisers and audience members have a permanent record of the questions & answers raised and connections to fellow attendees.

What some of our customers say

Exhibitors love us

Long gone are the days of the business card drop and then having someone manually following up after a conference.

Play2lead gave attendees a great way to engage with exhibitors at the SydStart conference gamifying the whole experience. The best thing for Disrupt Surfing was that we were provided with a list of attendees that voted and showed interest in us. It was a great way to generate and qualify leads, and it let us concentrate on those people that may have otherwise forgotten about us - for the next week after the conference our sales pretty much doubled! Thanks Play2Lead.

Gary Elphick, Founder,
Gary Elphick

Speakers love us

@Play2Lead Love the stuff you are doing, we will use the polls again @PandoraAUS

Jane Huxley
Jane Huxley (@Janehux)
Keynote Speaker, DiG Conference, October 2013

Event Organisers love us

Innovation Bay achieved an audience response rate of around 75% at a recent breakfast event (an increase in audience engagement of more than 300%)!

We then used the product to receive the audience vote at the mUmbrella360 crocodile pit session last week. Over 85% of the audience participated in the poll with close to 40% signing in via social media.

Without even taking into consideration the social and networking benefits Play2Lead provides, the significant increase in audience engagement alone makes this a far superior product to on-line surveys.

Sue Hogan, Events Manager, Innovation Bay
Sue Hogan
Events Manager, Innovation Bay

Carnegie's Den had a fantastic experience working with Play2Lead to integrate their live voting into our event. We experienced significant audience uptake, in fact 85% of the audience participated throughout the entire event to vote for their favourite startup and Play2Lead collected real-time lead generation and feedback for the teams and nearly $4m in investment interest. We highly recommend working with the Play2Lead team.

Zachary Midalia, Investment Consultant, M. H. Carnegie
Zachary Midalia
Investment Consultant, M. H. Carnegie

We loved being able to offer speakers Play2Lead's poll and quiz technology so they could boost audience engagement and get feedback in real-time. It takes a session from being static and one-directional to a multi-directional experience. It was easy to use and we got great participation from conference delegates.

Rachel Slattery, CEO & Founder, SlatteryIT
Rachel Slattery
CEO & Founder, SlatteryIT

Big shout out to @Play2Lead for their excellent gamified poll. Our audience & presenters really enjoyed it. Let's do more. #digfestival

DiG Festival (@DiG_Festival)
DiG Festival (@DiG_Festival)
Event Organiser, DiG Conference, Oct 2013

Audience Members love us

Great session with @Play2Lead interactive, entertaining and interesting. #digfestival

Steve Lucas (@oneiamfor)
Steve Lucas (@oneiamfor)
Audience Member, DiG Conference, October 2013

We Want to Help You Make Events & Online Communities More Fun!

Our mission is to be the data engine behind making every learning opportunity fun, engaging and rewarding.

Our Founders & Advisory Board
Theresa lim 200
Theresa Lim
CEO & Founder

An entrepreneur with a passion for mobile technology and education. Prior to Play2Lead, Theresa spent the last 20 years working at blue-chip corporations such as ThoughtWorks, Andersen and Vodafone leading teams in Sales and Marketing, Finance as well as Management Consulting engagements. In 2006-7 she was also co-owner and part of the management team at Voxalot, a VoIP startup. In her last corporate role at ThoughtWorks, Theresa organised several multi-city executive and developer events.

Theresa is a qualified CPA and holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Theresa enjoys playing Daytona, although she leaves Minecraft to her two boys, and has managed to avoid being addicted to games since playing Solitaire years ago.

Maxim filimonov
Maxim Filimonov
Technical Lead & Co-Founder

Maxim has over 7 years software engineering experience and is a polyglot developer who started his career by founding his first startup whilst completing his Masters Degree at the top engineering university in Moscow.

As a team leader, Maxim is passionate about building self-managed teams who focuses on fast delivery of features with great user experience. His experiences stems from startups such as Welltok (gamified wellness software), AirService (mobile food ordering system) as well as large corporates and consulting companies (ninemsn, ThoughtWorks).

In his free time he enjoys video games and gamifying his life habits with HabitRPG.

Mikel lindsaar
Mikel Lindsaar
Investor, Technical Board Adviser

Mikel's passion is building software products that solve critical business and organisational problems, software that brings success. In following this passion Mikel founded reinteractive , Australia's largest Ruby on Rails development company. He also built the B2B SaaS company and became the co-founder of the web's most scalable load testing platform

In 2013 he successfully sold two of his startups StillAlive and StatusHub. He brings this wealth of technical and organisational experience to Play2Lead to help it reach its vision of making every learning opportunity fun, engaging and rewarding.

In the news

Our blog



by Theresa on 2014-11-21 01:32:14 UTC


As I prepare this afternoon (4pm - there’s still time to register) for my first webinar with futurist Craig Rispin,, I’m reminding myself to just have fun, be authentic and let my natural passion for my business come through. That’s what I mentally told myself before this media interview at SydStart a few months ago (Australia’s largest startup competition).

There’s a tendancy for all of us to want to “get it right”, and not to “look bad”. There’s that voice in all of us that occasionally comes out and says something like “hopefully no one will figure out you’re really not an expert”.

I think I get more connection and respect from my team, my customers and my investors when I am straight - “I don’t know but my team and I will figure it out” and “We have a small bug and we’re fixing it” etc.

And when we do make mistakes, it’s about owning the mistakes and learning from them.

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I can’t believe it’s been a few months since we made...

by Theresa on 2014-11-21 01:20:15 UTC

I can’t believe it’s been a few months since we made it to top 20 in SydStart Australia’s startup competition.

I must admit I didn’t have my A-game on. My older son had suspected appendicitis that day, and after getting a babysitter, I literally made it to my pitch slot with a minute to spare.

It’s nice to also get highly commended by the judges.

It was also great to contribute back to the startup community - we helped bring on Innercode as a sponsor, and SydStart used our audience interaction platform for many sessions including voting for favourite exhibitor.

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The New 5Ps of Event Marketing

by Theresa on 2014-11-06 07:18:00 UTC

I was inspired by Andy Lark’s recent article “Marketing Needs a New Scorecard to write what I think an Event Marketing Scorecard should look like.

Ticket revenue, number of attendees, sponsorship revenue, or even just brand awareness etc. as metrics are not enough as brands look at the return on investment on their overall marketing spend. Brands who building digital into their strategy, especially ones who are using data to make the right decisions, are looking hard at how they can leverage the prevalence of smartphones to connect with their customers.

I agree with Andy that the “traditional ‘Ps’ of marketing are increasingly split across a multitude of functions outside the purview of the marketer. Take ‘product’ which has become a discrete function; or ‘pricing’ which is now often found within sales or merchandising.”

A new scorecard will enable event marketers and professionals to strategically plan, measure and learn in this new digital age, as well as of course to explain to their various stakeholders the value they are creating.

So here are my 5Ps of Event Marketing.

1. PARTICIPATION – Events that increase participation from the voices of a few to the voices of many will win. One way is to increase audience participation through gamification and leveraging social media. Reward audience members for their participation by giving them points which can convert to truly meaningful prizes. Begin engaging your audience with your content and facilitate their interaction with other members of their community who are coming to your event BEFORE, during (of course) and AFTER your event. Wherever possible, when creating content ask yourself if this is going to further the conversation, extend the reach of the conversation, or if the content is easily digestible? Keep in mind that rich media and video rock.

2. PROXIMITY – Start exploring how you can make engagement contextually relevant. Apps that leverage Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are starting to move beyond retail use cases and your branded content (e.g. post-session presentation, digital showbags, whitepapers, specific polls or quizzes) can be pushed to smartphones or BLE-enabled device depending on where and what time you are in the venue. We need to also start thinking about how we can not just think of an event as a physical moment, but how this can be virtual for those who cannot be there due to time or geographical constraints. Many events in the U.S. are already livestreamed and suddenly there is an extended audience and revenue stream. We need to be doing more virtual events (either live or delayed). Proximity is also about helping your customers connect with each other in a contextually meaningful way so they can learn from each other, and your customer champions will naturally promote your products/services for you.

3. PREDICT – Marketers that leverage data to make decisions reflect the broad industry shift from marketing as an attention drive profession, to one based on intention. Ask the right questions to help your brands and sponsors discover intention, pain points, challenges etc. Brands that leverage the information that our audience give in order to personalise each customer touch point will continue to keep that relationship sticky. Brands that have an integrated or multi-channel approach to understanding and engaging their customers can better predict what their customers want. Your audience is engaging with brands not just at your events, but on the main brand website, various social media platforms, digital and print campaigns etc.

4. PERSONALISE - Continue to let your audience choose how they want to learn and engage with your event, but keep their choices to no more than a 2-3 options. Crowdsource ideas and options so your audience feel part of the creation of your event (don’t just rely on your traditional Advisory Panel). Consider "personalising” the content by asking your speakers to in a “live” environment to choose what topics they want to do a “deep dive” on - strong speakers will love the opportunity to showcase their level of preparation, thought leadership and ability to think on their feet.

5. PLAY - Take traditional games in events to the next digital level. Think digital passports, amazing race challenges, competititions/trivia games etc.- the glue can be a single leaderboard that aggregates the different play/engagement opportunities.

All this takes planning and execution, and of course the right technology platform partner to help you easily execute this (shameless plug).

Event Marketers and Professionals, apps and social media is just the beginning of how brands want to engage with their audience. Authentically engage with your audience to really get insights into what matters to them. It’s no longer about just having bums on seats. They are ready to be heard en masse.

Craig Rispin (Futurist) will be chatting with me via a webinar on “Gamification and Beacons” on 21/11 4-5pm. Register here.

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Top 6 Ways To Make Your Next Event Truly Experiential!

by Theresa on 2014-03-25 06:39:00 UTC

As I reflect from my participation at AIME (Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo) recently, I asked myself this question - how can you make your next event truly experiential?

To arrive at an answer to this conundrum, I wanted to share some of the learnings we gained from the test events that we ran last year as we prepared to launch our first product, PointedQ, this month.

First, let’s set some context using the Bartle multi-player gamer profiling framework. We’ve found it very useful for categorizing event audiences’ participation and engagement preferences, which in turn provides useful insight into the design of awesome events.


Bartle Player Type: Achievers are players who prefer to gain “points,” levels, equipment and other concrete measurements of succeeding in a game. They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards that confer them little or no gameplay benefit simply for the prestige of having it.

Audience Engagement Equivalent: A reward system that offers audience members points, badges, leaderboard, levels etc..


Bartle Player Type: Explorers dig around, are players who prefer discovering areas, creating maps and learning about hidden places. They often feel restricted when a game expects them to move on within a certain time, as that does not allow them to look around at their own pace.

Audience Engagement Equivalent: Scavenger hunt-styled games that involve audience members in the discovery of new products and hidden experience zones.


Bartle Player Type: Socialisers choose to play games for the social aspect, rather than the actual game itself. They gain the most enjoyment from a game by interacting with other players, and on some occasions, computer-controlled characters with personality. The game is merely a tool they use to meet others in-game or outside of it.

Audience Engagement Equivalent:Opportunities that allow audience members to help or otherwise engage with other participants (e.g. answering technical questions, or connecting people). Acknowledge them for their socializing impact, and offer them a role to play in your multi-day event, or post-event or your next event. Reward them for their socializing impact.


Bartle Player Type: Killers love to sow destruction, and prefer games that are high in carnage, action, and destructible environments. Many of these gamers also enjoy the opportunity to depart from the norm of being “the good guy” who comes to save the day. Instead, they will play on the side of evil or conquest. On the flip side, Killers also represent the archetype which is most interested in affecting their environment, so sandbox games in which they can take a direct hand in building (ordestroying) a virtual society will appeal to them as well.

Audience Engagement Equivalent:Create a persona representing a shared enemy of your audience (think industry enemy, key competitor etc.), and provide a mechanism for interacting (physically or virtually) with it. This could be something as simple as an actual shoot ‘em up game with customized pictures of your competitors’ logo. Or a lego building game or similar building game to create a virtual world where your product(s) is the killer product.

Other ideas for generating audience input and feedback that we’ve seen used very successfully include:


Reward your audience for being engaged:

  • Points will allow you to motivate the right behaviours – more points for behaviours that you want to motivate more, and less for the less important behaviours.
  • Don’t forget to give them prizes that they really want – consider even the “money-can’t-buy” lunch/coffee/1-1 with the keynote speakers. Those who score well will want to see themselves on the leaderboard and share their prize announcement with their networks via social media. Audience members tend to lean into the presentation more when they have something they think they can gain. Prizes that are only at the event – e.g. access to the VIP Suite or to a special party on the event day – will increase the changes that pre-registered attendees will actually attend.


Crowdsource your schedule:

  • POLL your target audience community on what topics are of interest to them and what keeps them awake at night. You may already have a panel of advisers to help create your agenda, but what better way to engage your target audience by crowdsourcing the agenda.

Encourage interaction between the panelists and audiences BEFORE and DURING the panel session:

  • If you can start as early as when the event date is announced, you can start polling questions before the event so that your registrants are engaged before they even show up, and they feel that their questions are likely to be answered at the panel session.
  • Do snap polls at the event to get audience input and build the poll results into the panel discussion. Encourage your audience to share the poll results via social media to further amplify the discussion.
  • Suggest to your speakers to run quizzes either at the mid-point of their presentation so that they can adjust their content based on audience comprehension and engagement. This feedback can potentially be useful for other upcoming speakers for the same event.


If you have new products you are launching, run a poll or quiz to see if your marketing messages prior to the events have been working so you have a benchmark to compare before you ask the same questions after the event.


Real-time engagement:

  • respond at the event if possible to the specific audience member(s) with whatever feedback you are getting at the event from your audience. Whatever insights you can derive at the event is better served being responded to at the event while that particular audience member is there.

Post-event engagement:

  • You can continue the conversations on your event site by having the video content/slides uploaded as soon as possible. Based on the insights you can derive from the polls and quizzes you have run during the event, you can also help with lead generation by targeting specific audience members with tailored call-to-actions, e.g. webinars with more advanced content, small discussion groups, networking meetups, special offers based on interest.

All this is of course possible as long as you ensure users are clear what data they are giving you and that you have their permission to follow up with them. Personally, I think that if users are provided a considered offer based on what you think they need, and users have given you permission with their, then users see the value.

I’d love to hear from any further suggestions to creating truly engaging and experiential event in 2014, and what results you obtained. Drop me a line at [email protected]

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FUNtastically Simple Audience Interaction

by Theresa on 2013-07-31 12:01:46 UTC

My first blog as Play2Lead….wow, I feel the pressure to be super-insightful! But I think I’ll just speak from the heart…

I started Play2Lead because in my last corporate gig, I hated organising events! I was determined to help my sales team generate good leads, but between you and I, I think the management team and the sales team were happy to just have events for brand awareness. I didn’t have a big enough team to organise the events, and when it came to measuring results, let’s just say I was not happy with the survey results or the leads.

As an organiser and attendee, I was frustrated mainly because:

  1. Audiences looked disengaged. Was the content I was organising that bad that people were on their tablets/mobiles…I’d like to think the content was sooooo compelling that they were furiously writing notes and telling all their friends and colleagues.
  2. Lead generation took too long and was not very well qualified. Going through all the business cards collected and then checking with the sales team who they spoke to so that we could prioritise the target list was painful!
  3. Networking was challenging. It was rare to speak to someone that I would consider “useful” to network in the sea of conference seats or at meal breaks.

So Play2Lead was born to:

1. Help event organisers and brands easily make audience interaction fun and improve lead generation.

2. Facilitate networking

I was also inspired by how my kids were motivated by their reward charts. So I thought why not motivate audience members to:

  • Sign In via social media
  • Complete polls & surveys
  • Share via social media to to extend brands’ reach beyond their initial audience - the polls/quizzes, the overall results and your individual scores
  • Play quizzes to get up the leaderboard and win prizes

The team at Play2Lead dream of a day soon where every event that we choose to go to, training that we are forced to do, survey we are begged to complete - that we ALL can experience some FUN. 

And of course, brands and organisers benefit too simply because…

FUN = Increased Audience Engagement = Better Lead Generation.

It’s been heartwarming to get amazing encouragement and feedback from brands, organisers and most importantly audience members over the last month in live events. Thank you!!!

I’ll end my first blog by giving into the temptation to post an invitation to you - Start using our FREE version of Amplify (our poll solution) now, or be the first 100 to get a 50% discount if you sign up for the Sept 2013 release of Amplify and PointedQ (our quiz solutions).

And please do email me ([email protected]) with feedback or suggestions:)


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